NCWIT Tracking Tool

The NCWIT Tracking Tool is an online evaluation tool to help academic departments evaluate efforts for recruiting and retaining undergraduate students, by collecting and charting enrollment and outcome data by major. Data collected is confidential and can be viewed in identifiable form only by the individual user. The Tracking Tool is only appropriate for 4-year colleges now, but will be expanding to 2-year colleges in the future.

NCWIT requests that all Academic Alliance (AA) member organizations provide enrollment data from at least your first year of NCWIT membership to the current year. NCWIT requests that all Extension Services (ES) client organizations and Pacesetters members provide a minimum of four years of complete data (the current year and three previous years). NCWIT will ask you to update your data each academic year. However, you are welcome to return to the Tracking Tool at any time to update your data.

For questions using the Tracking Tool, please e-mail

How to Get Started:

  • Click Log In if you already have an account set up.
  • Note: This is not the same account as the account. If you have not already done so, you must must Request an Account to gain access to the Tracking Tool.

Additional Resources:

  • The User Guide includes information on how to use the Tracking Tool.
  • Information for AA Members describes what is needed from AA members and the benefits of using the Tracking Tool.
  • Information for ES Clients and Pacesetters describes the requirements for all ES Clients and Pacesetters Members (past and current) and the benefits of using the Tracking Tool.
  • The NCWIT AA Tracking Tool Data Form Template will help you organize your data for entry as an AA member.
  • The NCWIT ES and Pacesetters Tracking Tool Data Form Template will help you organize your data for entry as a past and current ES client or Pacesetters member.
  • Didn’t I give you data already?

    Many organizations have already provided some data to the NCWIT External Evaluator or Extension Services. Thank you! Once logged in, the years of data your organization has already provided (if any) will be accessible on the My Data tab. We suggest that you login prior to compiling data so you know which years of data are needed. Additionally, download the NCWIT Tracking Tool Data Available as of May 2015 to view the data already in our records.

    Why should I enter data?

    NCWIT gets to help you: Your organization can use the tracking tool to visualize your undergraduate recruiting and retention data. Even better is that you can compare your computing majors to comparison data from 1) other schools with the same types of degrees; 2) other schools with the same majors; and 3) national data sources such as IPEDS and Taulbee. You can log in at any time to export these charts for grant proposals or other university work. See your data visualized in a dynamically-created longitudinal trend chart!

    You get to help NCWIT: Did you know that there is no national data source that reports on enrollments in computing by gender? With such a gap, NCWIT decided to create a tool that could help chart national progress in women’s computing enrollments and other important measures of recruitment and retention. By inputting your data into the Tracking Tool, we at NCWIT will be able to measure progress towards our goal of improving female participation in computing majors. And you help NCWIT understand and develop solutions to a national social problem!

    The NCWIT Tracking Tool is generously funded by a gift from and grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF, HRD-1203148/1203198/1203174/1203179).